It was a small act done with ‘great love’

By Dan Haseltine, Founder of Blood:Water

I don’t like the word impossible. I’ve seen and experienced enough of life’s abrupt plot twists and miraculous moments to give myself the freedom to remove such an obsolete expression from my vocabulary.

Yet, after walking around the Suki community in Ethiopia with our partner organization, ACT, there are few words more appropriate. Imagine 25,000 people existing with no sanitation facilities, almost no access to clean water, and most teetering on the sharp edge of sickness and death. It felt like one of the most impossible places to live.

So much of what you and I do together is about changing impossible situations.

Your investment helps provide practical life-changing wells, latrines, and HIV support programs for ending the water and HIV/AIDS crises in Africa. But you also help provide day-to-day acts of love that help meet the deep thirst that many people living with HIV have to feel loved and valued.

While visiting our partner in Ethiopia, we met with Sarah* in her home. We came to see how she was handling the medications she was taking to battle both HIV and the untreatable cancer in her body. Most importantly, we were there to listen, hold her hand, and celebrate with her as she talked about her son, who just graduated from electronics school.

I’ve learned that fighting sickness is not just done with medicine, but also by loving and dignifying those who are sick. This is an example of the real, life-giving impact you help make possible through your support of Blood:Water.

Sarah tells us that she knows she’s dying and that her son can’t afford to bury her. She also shares that her family won’t touch her because of the stigma around HIV, and how they’ve chosen to abandon her. She wants to believe that her life is worth more than the sum of her physical poverty and her medical diagnoses.

When Mother Teresa said, “We can do no great things; only small things with great love,” I think she meant that the small things we do-like providing a funeral, holding the hand of a woman who’s rarely been touched, or celebrating a graduation with a proud mom-offer the most healing and bring the most light and hope.

It will take many small acts of love to end the water and HIV/AIDS crises. Every act matters. So thank you for the ones you’ve made possible. Let’s do more together!

*Names changed for privacy throughout





Your support refreshes and relieves a Ugandan family

George* lives in Uganda with his wife Kate* and their children. He once worked as a farmer and a fisherman. But because of a waterborne illness, George lost his sight and can no longer work because of his blindness. He’s also living with HIV.

George’s inability to work has proved difficult for him and his family. He’s no longer the breadwinner for his household, so now it’s up to Kate to carry the burden of earning an income for the entire family.

Kate and George used to worry about contaminated water further harming their family’s health and economic resources. But thanks to the support of friends like you, Blood:Water is partnering with a local Ugandan organization, Literacy Action and Development Agency (LADA), that recently installed a new water source in George and Kate’s village.

Clean water now flows freely from a nearby protected spring, which was previously a contaminated source shared between the community members and livestock.

George now feels a huge sense of relief knowing Kate’s work is easier and his family’s health is no longer in jeopardy, thanks to the protected spring. Clean water is also essential to George’s survival due to his compromised immune system. This is the life-changing difference you help make every day through your support.

Thank you for your generosity that helps George, Kate, and so many others have clean water. Out of your generosity flows refreshing joy and relief for people in Africa!

*Names changed for privacy throughout


We thank God for all He’s done through your generosity. You’re helping give life-changing health and hope to people in need!

*Numbers cover January through June 2018

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Dear Friend,

When that first trickle of clean water comes through, it means more than the promise of a cool drink or hygienic solution for those in need.

You give a life-changing resource filled with the promise of health and hope to those in great need in Africa.

And when people living with HIV/AIDS experience a hope that heals, it reveals to them their true worth as a child of God.

It’s such a blessing to share with you the stories of so many people living with renewed joy because of your incredible support. The impact you make possible reminds me of Psalm 23:2-3...

He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul.
— Psalm 23:2-3

Thank you for sharing the refreshing love of God that reaches Africa with tangible help and hope. Through you, people in need will know enduring dignity and health.


Executive Director