Play with a Purpose (with Us) This Sunday!

Blood:Water has partnered with the new sports app, FireFan, to help raise money and awareness in connection with the NFL Playoffs.

You can help support Blood:Water by simply downloading the FREE FireFan app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and joining our game:


Just follow the link to sign up and create your own account with FireFan. You will receive 18 tokens just for downloading the app through Blood:Water, and you only need six tokens to play in our game or any game in the future. That means your first three games in FireFan free! You can gain additional tokens by inviting others, paying for them, or earning them tokens by watching ads (coming soon).

Joining a league doesn’t cost any tokens. However, when you join Blood:Water’s league, you can increase our chance of winning the $25,000 by joining the specific games we host. (This is the part you’ll spend six of your free tokens to join.) Once you download FireFan from the App Store you can also invite others to increase our odds of winning even more!

So play along with Blood:Water during this weekend’s NFL playoff game between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys.

Not a huge sports fan? No worries, FireFan is fun and user friendly, making it enjoyable for people of all ages and interests.

FireFan is the world’s first app that allows you to play along with your favorite sports teams in real time, predicting live, in-game situations and player progress. It has its own fully integrated social network that includes hundreds of professional athletes (current and retired) and celebrities who are ready for users to connect and play along with them inside the app.

With FireFan, you are able to make real-time calls during live sporting events, and then watch the game unfold to see how well you really know your sports in comparison to your family, friends, and even pros. Each correct answer you call allows you to accumulate points and in-app rankings. Users can also participate in FireFan’s unique loyalty program to get exclusive rewards that include sports swag, tickets to sporting events, gift cards, trips, and even a car! FireFan primarily focused on football during its fall launch, but will quickly be adding all major global sports over time to include NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, NCAA Football, rugby, cricket, English Premier League, and more!

Here are some examples of questions you may be asked during live gameplay:

Wondering what it will actually be like to play during the game? Watch this brief overview of the app in live gameplay:

Just by downloading, playing, and sharing FireFan this weekend and throughout the Super Bowl, you can help support Blood:Water’s work to provide clean water and HIV/AIDS care in Africa. Remember when you play, you are playing with a purpose!

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