Meet the Blood:Water Pets

At Blood:Water, we really love our pets. Whether they’re helping us at work, getting us into trouble, or anxiously awaiting our return at the end of the day, their personalities are as unique as their owners. So we thought we’d introduce them to you! Nadia’s cat, Wilson, has a very important role at Blood:Water. He’s our Nairobi-based mascot.


Gracie has been known to sneak into the office with Dan from time to time to help out with artist relations.


Jake is grateful to have a live-in babysitter. Mister spends his days looking after Boone.


When Katy arrives home, Belle races to the door to greet her, and is always ready for a game of fetch (it’s not just a game for dogs, she'll have you know).


Marley and Lola are the best of friends. And just like me, they dart out the door to bask in the sun every chance they get.


Cocoa is a retired racer from Pensacola. Throughout her career, she won two races and two hearts – Audrey’s and Luka’s.


Aurora may be a snorer, but with a sweet and bubbly disposition, Kristin finds her impossible to resist.


Koda is a homebody and has been known to drag his dogsitter all the way home in search of Lindsey and his family.


Now that you know our furry friends, you know the way to each of our hearts.