Update from the New Life Medical Center Maternity Ward


In 2013, we celebrated extraordinary moms all around the world during Power of a Mom. On behalf of the Power Moms in the Blood:Water community, donations were made to fund the expansion of the maternity ward at the New Life Medical Center in Kitgum, Uganda. Because of that support, the maternity ward at the New Life Medical Center is fully operational today!


The New Life Medical Center provides the best care in the region, and the maternity ward creates a safe environment for mothers to deliver their babies. The maternity ward also offers pre- and post-natal care for HIV-positive mothers, ensuring their babies are born (and remain) HIV-free.

We are so excited to see the healthy babies being born in the new maternity ward at the New Life Medical Center, and incredibly grateful for all those who joined us in 2013 for Power of a Mom. The celebration of the extraordinary moms you know made this maternity ward a reality, creating lasting change for mothers and babies in Kitgum.