Photo Friday: Meet Tigist

For this Photo Friday, meet Tigist. She’s 10 years old.


Tigist lives in Suki, Ethiopia. After her father died, Tigist and her mother were forced to beg on the street. Tigist had never been enrolled in school and didn’t have friends to play with, until one day she heard about a program that helps children go to school.

She now attends second grade! Her school materials, uniform, and shoes are provided, and she and her mother are receiving medical care. Tigist loves studying and spending time with her friends.

Tigist is one of 1,077 students who headed back to school with access to clean water, new school supplies, and new uniforms because you joined us last year for Class Acts of Kindness.

It's almost back to school time again! We will tell you more details about how you can help students in Africa soon!