Love is a Big Deal


We want to give a huge shout out to Love is a Big Deal photography, who came in and took headshots of everyone in our Nashville office, free of charge.

Josh and Meg are a local destination wedding photographer couple, and they took a break from their crazy travel schedule to stop by the Blood:Water office and take our pictures. Their work is incredible, and we are honored that they were willing to donate their services to us.

Here at Blood:Water we’re big on partnership. That’s no secret. We love our partners around the world who mobilize our funds, bringing clean water and providing HIV/AIDS treatment to our friends in Africa.

But just as important are our partners throughout the U.S. who help us raise and save funds.  It is because of these people that our partners in Africa have the resources to do their work. It may seem simple, but because of Josh and Meg’s generosity, we were able to save money we would have ordinarily spent on headshots and instead use it for our programming in Africa.

In our book, that makes Love is a Big Deal definitely a big deal.

Thank you, Josh and Meg, for partnering with us to end the HIV/AIDS and water crises!