It's Official. 1 Million People Reached.

Ten years ago, I was a 22-year-old, wide-eyed, idealistic college graduate hoping that one day, alongside Jars of Clay, 1000 wells would be built in Africa through the work of our small nonprofit. It was the 1000 Wells Project, and it seemed crazy.


Three years ago, we reached 1000 wells. It was no longer a maybe someday, hopefully, eventually we’ll get there goal. We had supporters. People who believed in the work as much as we did. In 2004, we committed to building 1000 wells knowing that it was a number only God was comfortable with, and we saw Him work through countless people to make it happen.

We were amazed. We were grateful. We were motivated to keep going.

1000 wells was only the beginning. We would keep bringing clean water and HIV/AIDS treatment to Africa. We could see an end to this fight, and we were determined to not back down on the fight we had begun seven years before.

Last week, we officially reached 1 million people with clean water.

1 million.

That means fewer women and children are walking long distances for water. Fewer in Africa are getting sick from water borne diseases. People living with HIV are now living stronger, healthier lives. Babies are living past infancy. More children are back in school. Agriculture is able to thrive. One million people now have hope for a better future.

We are humbled. We are blessed. And, we are grateful for the support of every single person who has contributed along the way.

When I look back, I am astounded at how far we’ve come. We began as four musicians with a love for Africa and a young girl with a passion for changing the world. Ten crazy years later, here I sit in a Nashville office with a staff dedicated to the cause and thousands of people like you standing behind the work we do.

One million is a number we couldn’t have even dreamed of 10 years ago.

Thank you for dreaming alongside us and inspiring us to continue in the fight through your support. Thank you for being a part of the Blood:Water family. Thank you for providing 1 million Africans with life-giving water. For each and every one of you, we are truly grateful.


Blog ArticleJena Lee Nardella