How I Got Here


We are so excited to welcome our newest fall intern, Erin. Check out how she got to Blood:Water.

I have prayed for quite some time that God would point me in the direction of a career that would allow me to glorify and serve Him and that would be part of the plan He has for my future.Now, I know that can (and should) happen regardless of where we are or what we’re doing. However, what I had been doing hadn’t been fulfilling for me personally. So while I have been doing freelance writing for the last year and a half, trying to discern the next step of that plan has been my primary focus.

Last December, I received an alert for a position with Blood:Water. I’d never heard of the organization, so as I prepared my application, I visited Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. I was inspired by the mission of partnering with African grassroots organizations to address the HIV/AIDS and water crises. I was impressed by the method of coming alongside people already living and working in African communities to help them attain their vision for change. I was excited by the commitment to see the end of these crises in our lifetime.

Although I didn’t hear back about the position for which I initially applied, I couldn’t get Blood:Water’s mission or my interest in being a part of its work off of my heart. Then, on July 30, I read Jena Lee Nardella’s blog post in which she talked about “remembering that God is bigger than our wildest dreams,” but that we must have the “audacity to ask,” even if it feels foolish.

The part about having the “audacity to ask” stood out to me and I felt a prompting to come to Nashville to ask… for something… Although I felt unprepared and knew a full-time position was not available, I took a step out in faith and drove 384 miles from Monticello, Ind., just to introduce myself to someone and express my interest in working with Blood:Water.

I didn’t have a very specific plan—or maybe any plan at all—and I wasn’t even sure with whom I should ask to speak when I arrived. I prayed throughout my entire drive that God would just put me in touch with the right person and to let that person have an open heart to hear whatever it was I was going to say.

I asked for a few people, none of whom were available. I didn’t want to simply leave a message after driving all this way, so I turned to leave, thinking I would restrategize and try again in the afternoon. Being that this entire trip was already completely out of my comfort zone, I was really dreading coming back a second time.

But then, as I started to pull away, I saw someone waving me down… When I stepped out of my car, Michael Dean introduced himself and after talking briefly, suggested I apply for an internship. So, now, here I am, two months prior to my 30th birthday, starting all over in a new city with an internship, waiting expectantly to see what God will do next.

Erin Todd - Engagement Intern
Erin Todd - Engagement Intern
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