Fall Semester Has Begun

And, just like that, the summer season at Blood:Water has come to a close. Fall is getting ready to gear up, so that means we have a new round of interns. Meet Dustin our marketing intern for the fall semester.


I have the privilege of joining the Blood:Water family as one of their four fall interns. I was raised in Memphis, Tenn., and am currently a sophomore at Belmont University studying marketing and photography. When I first heard about Blood:Water, I immediately knew that this was going to be an organization I would want to be apart of. Since I am in college and cannot afford to donate as much money as I’d like, I decided to give my time instead. I volunteered at last years Red Tie Gala and a couple of other events along the way. Having a glimpse of behind the scenes and seeing this team work, secured my decision in interning with them. This team expresses so much joy and passion in their work and getting the opportunity to watch them this fall is going to be an amazing experience!

I have dreamed of working for a non-profit for many years. I want people who are suffering on a daily basis to know that they are wanted and cared for. I want others to truly experience God’s love in a way that is beyond words. When deciding where to intern, I wanted to learn from people who have a vision that went way beyond raising a profit—people who look at success not as a monetary achievement but as counting the number of lives they have impacted. And I truly believe Blood:Water is doing just that. Their work in Africa is so much more than providing clean water and medical treatment. It is a symbol of God’s love letting others know that they are not alone. And as an intern, not only do I help with projects, but I get the opportunity to just simply watch this team work and learn what it means to live a life dedicated to helping others in need. I believe we cannot lead unless we have been led, and this internship is the first step in making my dream a reality!

Dustin Conway
Dustin Conway