Presenting... the Blood:Water Model!

Sub-Saharan Africa remains the region most affected by HIV and AIDS representing 69% of the global burden. Dramatic investments in the formal health sector over the past decade have resulted in a 32% decline in AIDS-related deaths and 25% of new infections averted. Even with this remarkable progress, each year new infections outnumber those who access treatment two to one.

When it comes to HIV prevention, factors such as poverty, gender inequality, economic inequality, and social capital are key drivers addressing vulnerability and infection. Declining global support for community-based programs cuts critical interventions that attack the HIV/AIDS crisis head on. Now more than ever before, the global community is called to me more deliberate in championing the fight against HIV/AIDS in ways that are sustainable and lead by communities themselves. Only when that 2:1 ratio is turned around, can we say we have ended the crisis.

Blood: Water’s approach was developed for this purpose. Through authentic partnership with African organizations, Blood:Water’s commitment is to address these critical gaps through grants and capacity building for sustainable change. We are excited to share that Blood:Water has been invited to present this model at the Conference on Peer Education, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS in Nairobi this coming June. This presentation will allow us to share our approach and the impact we’ve experienced with the entire HIV-implementing community. We look forward to this opportunity to share what we’ve learned as well to champion our partners whose amazing work is changing lives in the communities your support reaches.