Announcing Be the Movement!


This week we’ve been so excited to announce Be the Movement. I can’t wait to see the creative, out of the box, crazy ideas you all come up with to make a difference in Africa.

This week we are also excited to tell you about a bunch of new resources we have for you. As you're coming up with these creative ideas on how to bring care and water to Africa, we want you to be able to tell the story about Blood:Water. The more people that want to join us in ending the HIV/AIDS and water crises, the sooner we get there. That’s why we need you.

Be the Movement

We’ve made it super easy with our resource page. Here’s five things you can find there:

1. A new Facebook Cover Image. 2. Our Blood:Water logo. 3. Some pretty sweet photographs of our friends in Africa. 4. A desktop backdrop. 5. And our press kit.

Go check it out!