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At Blood:Water, we believe in highlighting the triumphant and dignifying stories that the mainstream news rarely covers about Africa. But sometimes, there are horrific events across Africa that are also under-represented in the news. And we believe it’s important for you to know about them, too. Central African Republic is one of the poorest countries in the world, and has triggered a serious humanitarian crisis due to country-wide fighting between Muslim and Christian groups, alongside military coups and failed political leadership. This is a country that is near and dear to us at Blood:Water—a place we have partnered for over seven years in bringing clean water to communities. Currently, there is unprecedented bloodshed in the streets, wrought with fear and instability. The UN has warned of Muslim “cleansing” by Christian militia in the midst of a country that lacks sufficient infrastructure, justice systems and rule of law. All is not well.

South Sudan is our world’s newest nation, having gained independence in 2011. Last December, two different factions began fighting each other, resulting in widespread violence between the two largest ethnic groups in the country. As a result, nearly 4 million people are food insecure and there are over 750,000 displaced people. Without any official record, it is believed that tens of thousands of people have died so far. My dear friend, Autumn, is working for a humanitarian organization in Juba, South Sudan. In her most recent email to me, she wrote:

I'm still hopeful, hopeful that peace is possible, hopeful that there is a better future for the people of this young nation, hopeful that despite everything, forgiveness is possible, and hopeful that we can make a difference.

I am hopeful, too. Please join us in praying for peace, forgiveness and restoration across Central African Republic and South Sudan.

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