thanks to friends like you!

A Ugandan village now has safe, healthy water

Through the generosity of friends like you, people living in one of the highest water-stressed areas in Uganda now have access to clean water.

This subcounty – Bwambara – has long been a major danger zone for waterborne diseases such as dysentery, cholera, typhoid, and malaria. There’s also been a lack of education on healthy hygiene practices.

Rushaya, a village leader, explains, “People depended on surface water, springs, or the nearby river for water to cook, clean, and bathe with. The village was also sharing water with animals from the adjacent forest, which was extremely dangerous because these animals could harm the women and children gathering water at the river.

Your gifts made it possible to protect a local spring that was previously contaminated and commonly used as an open water source. Our partner, Literacy Action and Development Agency (LADA), used their expertise and knowledge of the community to address the great need.

Training on sanitation and hygiene was also provided to village members, which they greatly appreciated because they’ve never received teaching on essential health care before.

As a result of the spring protection and the training, 360 individuals and 60 households have access to clean water now, and rates of disease have greatly decreased in the village.

We suffered a lot from the dirty water we were consuming,” said Mwesigwa Peace, a member of the community. “It’s a great pleasure to have a protected water source. I hope to see more and more people in good health, free from waterborne illnesses.”

Thank you for helping provide water, sanitation, and hygiene in this water-stressed village in Uganda. You’ve enriched the daily lives of hundreds of people and made it possible for this community to flourish in the future!



You helped Fanose take charge of her life


Your gifts empower people who are living with HIV to manage their health, care for their families, and prosper in life – just like Fanose is doing today.

Fanose joined an HIV care and support program at ACT, our partner in Ethiopia, in 2013. Her husband had recently passed away from AIDS-related illness; and she was seeking testing, counseling, and ways to financially support her son’s schooling and their livelihood.

That small kickstart has made a big difference, as Fanose’s hard work at that stall is bringing about some amazing economic growth. She’s now able to save money every day to cover her business expenses and to support herself and her son, Endashaw. She can even send him to a local primary school where he can get a better education for a brighter future.

Fanose is now able to pay her rent, put food on the table, and follow along with the health care she receives. She’s currently healthy and thriving because friends like you have empowered her to manage her HIV diagnosis by accepting health care from our local partner and taking her antiretroviral therapy medications on time.

Through your generosity, you’ve helped bring health, prosperity, education, and joy into the lives of Fanose and Endashaw. Thank you for investing in their lives!



Why Sally keeps racing for clean water

Through her Race for Clean Water last October, Sally Kuhn ran, biked, and swam 140.6 miles and raised $8,234.67 to support water, sanitation, and hygiene projects in Africa. Here, Sally shares more of her story…

I first read about the water crisis in Africa about seven years ago. It’s truly a crisis when people have to choose between giving their children dirty water they know will make them sick, or letting them die of thirst. God put this on my heart, and it has never left.

“Having the opportunity to witness Blood:Water’s work in Zambia during a vision trip was life changing. Walking to collect water with the children, watching our partners teach the WASH program, learning how to construct a biosand filterall of it was amazing.

“I’ll never forget a mom telling me, ‘Now that we have clean water, my children and I are not sick anymore.’ Those words keep me racing for this cause and keep me in prayer and support of Blood:Water. I know the work we’re doing together is saving lives.

“I decided to use my triathlon races to raise awareness and funds for those living without access to clean, safe water. Since 2013, I have raced hundreds of miles and raised $31,063 for this cause. I race for a purpose and truly believe God is using me… and the race for clean water continues.”

*If you’d like to use your unique skills to help transform lives in Africa, please join Blood:Water’s Be the Movement campaign. Visit bloodwater.org/makemymove.



IMG_1936 (1).jpg

By selling lemonade and donating your earnings to Blood:Water, you can quench someone’s thirst not only in your neighborhood, but also in Africa, where there’s a critical need for clean water.

This is a fun way to get your family and your neighborhood involved in providing safe, clean drinking water for kids in Africa.

Request your $10 Lemon:Aid Kit at bloodwater.org/lemonaid and make a stand for clean water!




Dear Friend,

I know your heart is deeply moved to help our friends in Africa who lack access to clean water, especially those who are living with HIV/AIDS.

But as you’ll read in this newsletter, through Blood:Water’s partners, you and I are making great strides to empower African communities with clean water, sanitation, and hygiene... and countless lives are being transformed!

From whole villages in Uganda to individuals like Fanose in Ethiopia, you’re investing in change that will continue to impact generations to come.

All of this is only possible because of your generosity and prayers. So please continue to partner with Africa’s hidden heroes who are working together with you to end the HIV/AIDS and water crises in their communities.

Thank you, with all of my heart, for helping us come alongside our partners’ vision for change and provide technical, financial, and organizational support to strengthen their reach and effectiveness. I’m grateful for you!


Executive Director