We are thrilled to share with you exciting news regarding the maturation of Blood:Water over the last year. One of the most essential elements of our maturation has been clearly defining why our organization exists. 

Blood:Water exists to invest in and strengthen scalable African-led organizations to address the water crisis and support those impacted by HIV/AIDS.

In 2017, we began partnering with four new African partners that are inspiring examples of TRUE grassroots organizations and are composed of heroic leaders who bring hope to their communities. We are seeing communities in Ethiopia, Uganda, and Malawi changed in intelligent and appropriate ways under the direction of these new local partners, and it is an honor to be a part of growing this work.

The Blood:Water model of engaging with African-led organizations and taking careful responsibility in the work of building the capacity of our partners is an example of how best to create a sustainable African base for community development. This allows us to have a greater impact with lower cost since we do not need to establish implementing offices in each country; our partners already reside there.

Our 2017 audit and 990 reflect our intentional prioritization of the work in Africa with over 83 percent of expenditures going toward programs. GuideStar has bestowed Blood:Water with its highest rating of Platinum, and our Charity Navigator profile will reflect this stewardship when their system updates this fall.

Although our income was down from 2016, Blood:Water was still able to meet all of our obligations to our partners and programs. We have amazing financial partners who make it possible for Blood:Water to see transformational change take place in Africa, and we continue to strive to give more and more individuals the opportunity to be a part of this life-changing story.

Thank you for investing in the impactful work of Blood:Water and our dedicated and competent partners in Africa.



Stan Doerr
Executive Director



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Learn about the incredible partners we worked with in 2017 to impact their local communities.


Community Partnership for Relief & Development

Supports improvement of personal and family hygiene, sanitation, early childhood development, and HIV/AIDS prevention and care in the Neno District of Malawi.

Drop of Water

Supporting sustainable clean water supply and proper sanitation facilities development in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia ACT

Supporting families in Suki, Ethiopia, that are infected and affected by HIV through medical, psychosocial, economic, and educational programs.

FH Kenya

Providing medical services for the HIV-positive populations of target communities in Marsabit County, Kenya, alongside water, sanitation, and hygiene services.

FH Uganda

Providing high-quality, family-oriented, integrated care and medical services for the HIV-positive population of Kitgum, Uganda.

Literacy Action & Development Agency

Supporting access to safe, clean water and improved sanitation and hygiene practices in southern Uganda.

Lwala Community Alliance

Delivering improved health and well-being through multi-dimensional services for the HIV-affected community in North Kamagambo, Kenya.

Partners for Community Transformation

Improving access to safe, clean water and improved sanitation and hygiene coverage and practices in the Mityana and Mubende districts of Uganda.


Partnering with local communities to provide clean water, and promote improved sanitation and hygiene practices in the Nyamagabe District of southern Rwanda.

Partners in Hope

Providing holistic HIV/AIDS care through clinical and comprehensive community-based psychosocial services in Malawi.






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Sadie heard about the water crisis and knew she had to do something to help. Who knew that 365 cartwheels (that's one cartwheel a day for a FULL YEAR) could raise over $11,000 for clean water in Africa? Watch her share her story and learn more about her impact as a Blood:Water fundraiser in this video:


Relive all of her cartwheels from 2017 on Instagram!



Abba Ashebir has lived in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia for his 82 years of life and has known the pain that comes with a lack of clean water, but has never lost faith. For years, he has watched his fellow community members make daily 7-hour round-trip journeys to collect water from sources that are unclean.

Every Sunday, our local partner, Drop of Water (DoW), meets with Abba’s community, mobilizing them to be proactive agents of change through water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) training. Last year during one of those visits, a DoW project officer was speaking of plans for a project to provide Abba’s community with clean water for the first time with funding they had received from Blood:Water. Abba could not believe what he was hearing; he was finally going to see his community have access to clean water.

In awe, Abba turned to the project manager and asked, “My son, what is he saying? Is he saying that you are going to build a water well? Are we going to drink clean water in our village?” The member of DoW’s team gladly assured Abba, “Yes, Father!” Abba became emotional and interrupted the ongoing meeting. Lifting his eyes to the clear blue sky, he proclaimed, “God must have listened to our prayers. He must have noticed all the suffering that our mothers, women, and daughters have been through just to fetch water from rivers and all the pains and losses we have had because of waterborne diseases… Oh! You guys must have come down from the heavens!”

We visited Abba’s village again in February, where we were greeted with an extravagant celebration. After 82 years of faith, God chose to use Blood:Water’s partnership with DoW to answer Abba’s prayers, and he participated in the celebration of not one, but THREE new sources of clean water in his village. 

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