Jena Lee Nardella is the co-founder for Blood:Water, which she started 10 years ago at the age of 22 alongside the band Jars of Clay. Following her vision and leadership, the organization has brought clean water access to more than 1 million people in Africa. She has contributed to numerous books, including Hope in the Dark and The Revolution: A Field Manual for Changing Your World, and has been featured in the films Sons of Lwala and Unconditional Love. In 2012, Nardella was invited by President Obama to pray for the nation in front of a TV audience of 20 million. She is a graduate of Whitworth University with a degree in Political Studies and currently serves on the board for Equitas, a philanthropic organization seeking justice for the vulnerable and oppressed. She and her husband, James, have one son, Jude, and split time between Nashville, Tenn. and East Africa. She has been honored as an Epoch Award Winner, as GOOD Magazine’s GOOD 100,and as one of Christianity Today’s 33 under 33 Christian leaders shaping the next generation of faith.



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