Our approach is simple.
It begins with you.

Your contributions are the fuel that allow us to equip African organizations and their communities in fighting the HIV/AIDS and water crises.

We partner with local doers of good.

We lead a driven selection process to find Africa's hidden heroes and grassroots organizations who are already working with the cultural and community knowledge to facilitate real change.

We strengthen our partners.

We partner with these passionate groups to provide technical, financial and organizational support to strengthen their reach and effectiveness to the communities they serve.

Partners build communities.

Our partners are mobilizing their communities toward social change. They begin by organizing committee meetings, support groups and local trainings. This equips communities to be active participants in addressing their own HIV/AIDS and water challenges.

Immediate Outcomes

Each partner uses different solutions for HIV/AIDS and water, according to what their communities need. These solutions can include wells, latrines and clinics. We support our partners with funding and expertise to augment the technical side of these immediate outcomes.

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Protected Springs Latrines Wells Biosand Filters Rain Tanks

Soccer Tournaments Advocacy Training of Trainers

HIV-positive people on life-saving care

The Greater Impact

Real change in Africa takes time. That’s why we partner with organizations and their communities for at least 3-5 years. While immediate outcomes of wells and clinics are important, the real change comes when the community takes what they’ve learned and replicates the solutions for others. They adopt healthy practices and then infuse their own leadership and creativity toward a movement of social change.

Healthy Homes in Zambia

Healthy Homes in Zambia

Community members have gone the extra mile – beyond the basic WASH training, more than 260 families are on their way to total adoption of disease-blocking practices in their homes. This includes healthy practices in water treatment, latrine use, hand washing with soap, garbage pits, drying racks for dishes, and mosquito nets on all beds.

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Babies Born Free of HIV in Uganda

Babies Born Free of HIV in Uganda

Since opening the New Life Medical Center in northern Uganda, more than 70 HIV-positive pregnant mothers have been enrolled in comprehensive medical care. Through the commitment of both the mothers and the clinic staff, 100% of the babies delivered thus far have been born free of HIV. This is a major milestone in the fight to end the HIV/AIDS crisis, and it is being led at the community level.

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Promoting Health through Soccer in Kenya

Promoting Health through Soccer in Kenya

For three years, this rural Kenyan village has been hosting an annual soccer tournament in which players can only participate after completing a four-day WASH training. This year, more than 16 teams competed as a result of their successful WASH trainings. The week-long tournament brought out 900 attendants who learned about water, sanitation, and HIV/AIDS on the sidelines of the games. Since 2011, this community has proudly trained 952 members in healthy practices, and they have a vision for hundreds more.

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Healthy Partners, Healthy Communities

Our partners are stronger than ever before, continuing to build their communities toward fullness of health. Partners and communities alike are the ones who are there for the long haul, equipped to serve as catalysts for change across Africa. The end of the HIV/AIDS and water crises are within their reach.

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You are the fuel to end the HIV/AIDS and water crises. Join us.

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